The purpose of the Association of International Churches in Europe and the Middle East is:

  1. To provide an annual conference to enable closer fellowship and mutual encouragement and support among the clergy and spouses of the Association, and to provide resources for pastoral ministry.
  2. To disseminate information among the congregations relating to the ministries of the churches.
  3. To encourage regional cooperation in programming among member churches, such as the Association Youth Retreat, and the Western European, Nordic and Central European retreats.
  4. To offer the opportunity for member congregations to cooperate in mission.
  5. To facilitate the transfer of members to congregations with the Association.
  6. To be a resource to emerging churches.
  7. To facilitate cooperation among the congregations in publicity efforts to reach English-speaking people.
  8. To provide pastoral care to pastors and spouses and to be a source of assistance to congregations in need of help and encouragement.
  9. To stimulate ideas and explore areas of common service.

*From the AICEME articles of association