Pastor, International Protestant Church of Brussels, Brussels, Belgium

International Protestant Church of Brussels
Brussels, Belgium

The International Protestant Church of Brussels  (IPC) is seeking to recruit a new pastor.

The location

The International Protestant Church is located in Brussels, Belgium.  Known as “The capital of Europe”,  Brussels is home to the European Union (EU) headquarters and  NATO, as well as European HQ for a wide variety of multi-national corporations and non-governmental organizations.

Belgium consists of three regions, Flanders (Dutch speaking), Wallonia (French speaking), and Brussels (French and Dutch speaking).   There is also a small area on the German border that is German speaking. While the official languages of Brussels are French and Dutch, English is widely used, reflecting the international nature of the city.

The Congregation

IPC is an English-speaking church with a current participation of about 100 (including children and youth).   The ecumenical congregation consists of various nationalities from all over the world, and represents several denominations, including Methodist, Presbyterian, Roman Catholic, Lutheran….  While many of the members are local and/or have lived in Belgium for years, many others are expatriates on assignment  for 2-5 years. This leads to a high annual turnover, which usually occurs at the end of the school year. Gaining new members each fall is critical. The congregation is especially welcoming and supportive of new members who may be experiencing difficulty in adjusting to a new environment as well as searching for religious and social support.


The IPC Mission Statement

(which states IPC’s dedication to inclusiveness)

“To worship God as an intentionally international, multi-denominational congregation encouraging all to live our lives as a reflection of our beliefs and to share the Good News of Jesus Christ; witnessing, loving and serving from our doorsteps ‘to the end of the earth’ “

The Calling

  • Lead the worship service and preach – Because of the diversity of the IPC congregation, both by nationality and Christian belief, the pastor, in her/his deeds and sermons, needs to be sensitive to and respectful of these cultural and religious differences
  • Provide pastoral care to the members of the IPC family – These can range from couple counselling, to providing support to sick and  grieving members, etc.
  • Maintain a Christian education program with the help of  volunteers – Maintenance of a Christian education program for children and youth is essential.  The pastor should also support  programs for adults.
  • Enlist new members with the congregation – Since up to  30% of the congregation transition out every year,  it is critical that IPC attract newly- arriving families and individuals. While this isn’t the sole responsibility of the pastor, this challenge particular to IPC needs to be addressed.
  • Work with the church council – Final authority in IPC rests with the congregation and the church council.  While the Pastor will be responsible for the church programs, s/he must be willing and able to work with and through the administration of the church
  • Lead the church administration – The pastor is responsible for the operation of the church administration, for representing the church externally and for managing the relationship, together with the church council,  with various governmental and Christian bodies.

The ideal profile (in random order of importance) 

  • Native English or fluent speaker , any other language is an asset (especially French or Dutch)
  • a graduate degree from an accredited theological school
  • experience in an international and intercultural setting
  • strong personal faith and Biblical knowledge
  • human understanding and empathy
  • open-mindedness and sensitivity, specially with respect to cross-cultural awareness and appreciation, as well as a broad ecumenical approach
  • ability to clearly articulate the Christian message in a diverse community setting with sermons that pertain to everyday life and are thought-provoking
  • strong interpersonal skills, enthusiastic
  • humble, understands flat hierarchy
  • comfortable in managing change

The offer

 In addition to a standard salary in line with experience, compensation includes a car or transportation allowance, local/government stipend, financial support from the congregation and  national health insurance for the family.

Reason for vacancy

 Current pastor is retiring summer 2019 after 13 years of dedicated service

 The application process

 Please send resume and letter of interest to the Head of the Pastoral Search Committee, Ms Frederique Parel on and to, with “application” as the subject. All applications will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.

Application deadline: 16 February 2019