Eric Ohlund Appointed New Treasurer

THE HAGUE (AICEME) – The Association officers appointed Eric Ohlund as the new Association treasurer effective September 26 to fill the unexpired term of former treasurer Dennis K. Massaro. Massaro resigned from his position in July.

Eric Ohlund

Eric Ohlund

The Association officers are empowered under Section 4 of the Articles of Association to “appoint a qualified member of the Association to fulfill the remainder of the term [when an elected officer other than the president is not able to complete his or her term of office].” Ohlund is a member of the International Protestant Church of Zurich.

Ohlund was already slated to replace Association bookkeeper Margie Rockafellow in 2019.

Ohlund was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay area (USA). He graduated from Stanford University with a degree in Economics and Spanish Literature. He later received a Master of Business Administration from Columbia University and the London Business School. Ohlund spent 37 years in the accounting profession, living and working in San Francisco, Oslo, and Zurich. He worked as an auditor for the accountancy firm Arthur Andersen and later Ernst and Young. Portions of the Arthur Andersen auditing division were acquired by Ernst and Young in the mid-2000s. Ohlund retired in June 2018.

Ohlund is a long-time member of the International Protestant Church of Zurich. At IPC he has served twice on the governing board – the Council of Elders – and taught Sunday school for ten years. He currently sings in the church choir. Ohlund travels extensively. He has worshiped in many of the Association member churches over the years and has come to know many of their pastors. He is married to Sheila (also an American whom he met in Zurich). Their son is currently studying in the U.S.

Rockafellow will continue her duties until the Association’s new bank account is opened and all records are transferred. The transition will be completed hopefully in February 2019.

The Association officers are excited to welcome Ohlund to his new position.

The Association officers met 26-28 September 2018 in The Hague.