Pastors and Spouses Conference

In the spring of each year a ‘Pastors and Spouses’ conference is held somewhere in the territory of the Association. One of our member churches hosts a week of worship, education opportunities, some touring of key historical or contemporary sites related to the presence of the Christian witness and a lot of fellowship and good food.

Collegial connections can be a challenge for anyone serving international congregations and their families. This yearly event has been a wonderful example of support from the Association and its member churches to the pastors and their spouses.

Recent conferences have been held in Vienna, Austria and Bratislava, Slovakia; Geneva and Interlaken, Switzerland; the Holy Lands; Berlin and Wittenberg, Germany; Antalya, Turkey; London, UK; Paris, France; Athens and Meteora, Greece; and Cairo, Egypt.

The 2020 AICEME Pastors and Spouses conference in The Hague, the Netherlands has been postponed to 2021.