Co-Pastor, Community Church of Madrid, Madrid, Spain

Community Church of Madrid
Madrid, Spain

The Community Church of Madrid is seeking a second part-time pastor. The Community Church of Madrid (CCM) is an interdenominational international English-speaking Christian church in Madrid, Spain.

The Community Church of Madrid (CCM) has two part-time pastors of equal standing that provide religious leadership and spiritual guidance to the CCM community. The Co-Pastors share, coordinate and alternate in the provision of regular Sunday worship services and ministry through Christian Education and Bible study for children and adults, visitation and counselling as well as participation in the social life and activities of the CCM community.

Sunday Worship

The Co-Pastors will alternate/share in leading weekly Sunday worship; preparing and delivering sermons, preparing the liturgy, bulletin, coordinating with the organist/music and choir director, scheduling lay readers, inviting guest pastors, directing the children’s time and is the receiving point for all messages and announcements for the CCM. The Co-Pastor is also responsible for the post sermon dialogue with the congregation.

Should both Co-Pastors be absent on any Sunday they are expected to plan for a Worship service leader.

On Communion Sundays the Co-Pastors are responsible for the service and asking/appointing person(s) to assist as well as bringing the wine and bread.

The Church Council

The Co-Pastors will jointly organize the agenda and coordinate the monthly CCM Church Council meetings with the Council Chair and/or the Church Treasurer. At the Council meeting the Co-Pastors are expected to provide a report about their activities, the community and any special concerns. The Co-Pastors will work closely the treasurer on church finances and discuss with and seek approval from the Church Council for the distribution of any benevolence funds.

Ministering to the Community

Christian Education

The Co- Pastors will provide and direct the CCM’s Christian Education program and work with the teacher volunteers, youth program, young adult program, leading Bible studies and propose other programs such as confirmation classes when necessary.

CCM Outreach and Social Activities

The Co-Pastors are responsible for outreach to new members, reaching out to persons who may have fallen away and bringing visitors and new members in to the life of the CCM. The Co-Pastors are expected to conduct visitation, including to sick/hospitalized members, as well as spiritual guidance and counselling to those members in need. The Co-Pastors will attend CCM activities such as lunches, hikes/walks, annual church picnic, community tapas, as well as suggesting other events to strengthen and build fellowship in the CCM.

Liaison with the Spanish Evangelical Church (IEE) and Ecumenical Outreach

The Co-Pastors represent the CCM in the larger Protestant community in Spain and maintain a relationship with the Iglesia Evangelica Espanola (IEE). The Co-Pastors will also participate in the World Day of Prayer, Day of Christian Unity and conduct outreach to the greater religious community in Madrid and Spain.

Each year a Co-Pastor will coordinate and lead the Christmas Eve bilingual service with the Iglesia de Cristo Congregation of the IEE at Bravo Murillo.

Position Requirements for Co-Pastor

This is a part time position that is shared with another pastor of equal standing.

The Co-Pastor of the CCM shares responsibility for leading a group of Christians from a diverse background of mainly Protestant backgrounds in a multicultural and bi-lingual environment. To be considered for the position of Co- Pastor of the CCM the candidate will ideally have/be:

  • An ordained minister of a mainline protestant denomination or enrolled in a theological seminary on a path for ordination in no more than one year
  • A graduate of a recognized Theological Seminary
  • Have a minimum of five (5) years in a church leadership position that includes experience with worship, Christian education for children/youth/adults, outreach as well as administrative and organizational skills.
  • Music is an important part of the CCM’s worship and the candidate should have experience working with Choirs and a Director of Music/Organist

The ideal candidate will have a deep faith and understanding of liturgy and tradition, but also be open to new ideas and initiatives, willing to challenge the congregation, to be creative, open to a ministering to a diverse and liberal community. Additional requirements are:

  • Native/fluency in English and good working knowledge of Spanish
  • Established residency in Spain/EU – and experience living in Spain and a multicultural environment.
  • Be willing to accept the salary/benefits of a part-time position offered by the CCM and able to enter in to a legal employment contract with the CCM under the laws and regulations of Spain.

Additional Information and Contact

The complete church profile and job description can be found on the CCM's website, click here. Questions and applications should be sent to the search committee at